The Test…


Enduring a test is very painful at times. The more frequent and intense the test the weaker you become emotionally, physically and spiritually. Somehow round for round and blow for blow you find the strength out of nowhere to stand firm and keep pushing towards the win. Even though each round feels harder than the round before you find yourself starting to switch up your technique and moves which eventually makes it easier to defeat your challenger (The Enemy). You start paying more attention to the repeated jabs (trials) and punches (tribulations) which makes it easier to block and prepare yourself for what is being thrown your way. Eventually over time you realize that this whole fight has helped you to become one with the moves and you now find yourself within the rhythm of the fight. Life isn’t always easy so strap up your boxing gloves and prepare for the fight of your life.

-Excerpt from The Soul of My Eclectic Heart



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