The Social Media Detox

It amazes me how much time I spend on social media. As soon as I would wake up I found myself out of habit sliding my phone and opening my app to find out the latest news, drama and gossip of social media. Social media for many is an outlet to vent, inspire and just be plain nosy on the lives of your fellow friends , family and associates. Everyone is portraying their lives via social media ;whether facts or fiction and we are all one slide, click and open app away from knowing the good, bad and the ugly of everyone’s life.

I remember asking God one day during my quiet time to show me my distractions and what I needed to take out of my life in order to get closer to him. When he showed me that I consumed the majority of my time on social media I knew that it was something that had to go! Once I deleted (ok. ok..ok.. relocated that apps) from my view, I was able to concentrate and focus on the things that were of priority.

Life without Social Media was a breathe of fresh air.. Wanna know why.. here’s a list:

1. I was able to spend time on things much needed such as study time with God.
2. Focused more on God
3. Got more involved at my Church
4. More involved with finding hobbies
5. Was more productive at work
6. More focused
7. Had more time for things that were purposeful
8. I had a clear mind. I was not no longer consumed in the mindset of Social Media followers
9. I found a deeper connection within myself and my purpose
10. I was truly happy and In love with my life
11. Traveled more
12. Spent more time with family, friends and associates

These are just to name a few. I could continue to list EVERYTHING that I did, found and even resurfaced but it would probably take me another 50 post to detail them all out. I learned so much about myself during my detox of social media and it’s to the point now that I have control over social media and it does not have control over me.

Take the time to give yourself a break and put your phone down for a month…. 5 months … hey even a year. You will be amazed to find that when you do log into your social media that your friends are still doing the same thing.

Take a break… I guarantee that you will thank me later.

Be Blessed,

Shayla Rene’


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