A night with R&B singer Tank

First let me say that Tank is one of my favorite R&B singers and for him to come to a city near me was a dream come true. It’s not often that I am able to see a lot of my favorite artist so when the opportunity presents itself I make sure to attend by any means necessary.

Tank Concert

Concert Ready…..

The concert was held at the Tallahassee Amphitheater which is an outside pavilion that holds numerous concerts, park events but is mainly used for just everyday exercising, walks with your pets, family and friends or enjoying it’s beautiful view.



Seating for this event was perfect. I sat on the right side… 3-4 rows from the stage and  had no issues with not being able to see nor did I have to enjoy the whole show standing.

Seeing that my birthday was Monday, April 25th, I thought that this was a great way to end the week as well as start the weekend. I anticipated this day and could not wait for it to get here because I was about to live one of my many dreams that I’ve been waiting to come true.

“I been waiting for this day… Just so we could…” (If you know it sing it with me….)

The concert started on time and allowed for you to walk around, grab a drink and find your seat within an ample amount of time before the show. After a few opening acts and DJ BoWeezy on the one’s and two’s preparing us for Tank’s performance, Tank’s official DJ entered the stage and took us on a musical journey from Tank’s career that I will never forget.

Live in concert with R&B artist Tank:



2016-04-29 22.39.50.jpg

The pictures really do his performance and show no justice so I added a few clips from his performance for you to see. This truly was the end of a great birthday week for me.. and if you watch closely at the end of the video you will see that I was given the surprise of my life….


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