Welcome to Cuba!

I was so ready to escape from my world not knowing the world that I was about to encounter was everything that I needed and more to change my life. I never knew what to expect going on this trip. As well as I never had high expectations on what my experience would be. As much as I travel, I have never come across a culture of people who are so full of Love.

Yes, the colorful rustic streets, old school cars, amazing views, music, beach, food and drinks were all amazing but I personally took away from this trip so much more. To see a culture of people who live with way less than we have such as: not the latest cars, clothes and shoes, weave..hottest bag…hell barley any internet and yet they are so happy…made me realize that I take a lot of things, time and people for granted.

I did not go on this trip to Americanize Cuba by trying to force my culture on them…but experienced Cuba as if it was my home. I enhanced my Spanish, danced and sang with an amazing Cuban group in old havana, chased down the heladero after hearing music from the street. I even had Jamón y queso and drank jugo with our fellow neighbors on the block. The night to remember was when I had a dance battle with some beautiful Cuban woman in one of the clubs. So Cuba and the amazing people I met will always hold a special place in my heart…

Te amo 🇨🇺❤️😘

Take a look:


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