Music City, TN

On a visit home for the holiday’s I thought I would take an extra road trip and get lost in Nashville the U.S. state of Tennessee. Nashville is know for its legendary country music venue the Grand Ole Opry House, home of the famous “Grand Ole Opry” stage and radio show. While visiting you will also find, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum featuring honky-tonks with live music and the celebration of numerous artist and their lives.

As I traveled through the city, I was amazed to find the most amazing walls of some graffiti art along the way.

Check it out:


The next day, My brother and I ended up coming back to indulge in the Jack Daniels Tour (Check out my post “Flight of Jack Daniel Distillery Tour) but before leaving we stopped and had dinner at this awesome restaurant under the sea called the Aquarium. The experience gave an experience as if you were submerged under water in a submarine or even took a dive with Nemo and Dory to an adventure of the great beyond.

Take a look:


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