The Art of Freedom

You never know what freedom looks and feels like until you are no longer bound by the things that have been holding you hostage.

People, places, emotions and things have us so distracted that a lot of times when we are shackled and chained we don’t realize the damage it is causing because it feels good to our flesh. Or at times we are unsure how to deal with the situation at hand.

I have to say today is the first time I have felt real peace in a long time. Life has so many challenges and setbacks that it knocks us down time and time again. I’ve seen this situation(s) before so it should be easy right? I can just do what I did before and it will all go away….right?

We question why is this happening to me? I’m trying to do my best and it just seems I can’t get ahead. I’m really going to lose my mind this time.

Well the thing about Life, mistakes and decisions is that when you’re faced with what ever is holding you captive whether negative feelings, consequences or decisions you can deal with them head on. Rid them of your life and start with a clean slate.

In my freedom, Today I pray you release any person, place or thing that has you depressed, in fear or complacent that has you set up for failure and setbacks. It’s totally human to express your feelings and go through hurt, disappointment and pain…Just don’t stay there.

There is greater on the other side of being bound. There is a great peace and more importantly love.

I’m Free!

No longer bound!

No more chains holding me.

My soul is resting.

It’s such a blessing.

Praise the Lord I’m free.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Freedom

  1. Can’t figure out how to respond, so leaving a note. Emily, Renee, and I will see you earlier rather than later. So happy to support you, my talented friend.


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