Every day is the 14th



So every February 14th there are two kinds of people that wake on this day. There are those that are fluttered with love, gifts and acknowledgement. And well, then there are those who just wake up and see it as another working day with errands, schedules and the reminder that you have gone another year without finding someone that loves you to share love on this particular day.

Valentines day leaves a lot of people sad, depressed and reflective on past relationships that ended where now you are left alone.  I personally challenged myself after several let downs from significant others to share and spread love 365 days a year. It doesn’t matter if I am in a relationship or single, I would challenge myself to be love. I noticed that when I focused on being love all year long love returned to me all year long.

So today on February 14th I am at peace knowing that it doesn’t take a day for someone to acknowledge me in love. It’s an effort that should be done often and daily. No matter who it is significant other, family or friends spreading love is needed.

So I challenge you today to be love! Whether it is taking a friend out to lunch or dinner. Sending a text message letting someone know that you appreciate them or taking yourself out to a movie, getting a pedicure or dinner… Spread love. Be love… and watch love return to you ten fold.

Happy Valentine’s Day Loves! Every day is the 14th

What do you have planned for love day?

Enjoy your day no matter how you spend it!


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