India Arie-The Worthy Tour.


“Every one of us is worthy
Worthy of love
Worthy of life
Worthy of saying no when something don’t feel right”

Where do I even begin? I have loved the soulful songstress India Arie since her debut of the song “Video”.  When I heard that she would be traveling to Jacksonville, Florida, it was only right that I purchase a ticket to see her LIVE and in concert. What made this show even more special was that it was the very first concert of her Worthy tour.


The concert was held in the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida which made it really small and intimate. I felt as if I was in her recording session or in her living room as she was writing and recording for the very first time with no mistakes and or hesitations. The concert was therapeutic. She gave us backstage access to how she meditated, processed and eventually produced each song that she has released. It brought back biter sweet memories of where I was and how I felt when I heard each song for the very first time.



Everything from the visuals, her background singers, band and the audience filled the atmosphere of this concert with nothing but peace and love. India Arie not only provided a great influence on how political topics and tragedies influence her music but how she aspired to create music that will unify and heal the world.


It was such an honor to be a part of such an amazing tour, but the first show of the tour. There were many things that I took away from her concert, but her leaving us with this quote was life-changing.


Overall, the concert was a breath of fresh air. It was just what I needed to refresh my musical ears and give me a boost of motivation and inspiration to keep me on this journey of life. #BeEclectic

Take a look:




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