Love 365

Hopefully everybody had a day full of love no matter your relationship status….I spent the day enjoying a nice dinner with a couple of friends. Treat every day as if it’s February 14th….. Spread Love.

Turning 31

Today I enter the year of 31!!! Woohooo!I’m so blessed that God has allowed me to see another day to accomplish the goals and plans that he has set for my life. Turning 30 was a turning point for me, I was on a fast track of some very harsh growing pains that took me to … More Turning 31


I have to make a habit of writing. Something that once became so easy and therapeutic now seems like a task that I can’t seem to fulfill. I’ve literally filled over 3 journals full of my pains, joys, accomplishments, love/ love lost and failures but no matter how long it’s been I ALWAYS find myself back … More #WritingIsMyTherapy

The Test…

Enduring a test is very painful at times. The more frequent and intense the test the weaker you become emotionally, physically and spiritually. Somehow round for round and blow for blow you find the strength out of nowhere to stand firm and keep pushing towards the win. Even though each round feels harder than the round … More The Test…